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How it all began (the beginning of a snowmobile club)...

The first official club meeting was held on December 19, 1970. 40 people attended it.

The people voted on a list of 14 different names for the club and the winning name was "The Lugerville Chasers."  It was chosen meaning to unite the Lugerville and Crane Chase Areas.

No one complained about trails being rough at that time because they didn't even know what smooth trails were.

Instead of trail signs, red ribbon was used to mark the trails. Red and yellow ribbons hung together from trees meant "danger."

The first club trail ride took place on January 10, 1971.

The club logo was created by Joe Bell as a design for a patch to wear on your jacket and is still the design we use on our shirts today (although it is now laser printed).

By mid-winter of 1971, trails were getting really rough so Rudy Pepprock built the club's first wooden drag and the club asked for volunteers to pull it. In March of that year, the town of Flambeau filed an ordinance to open roads for snowmobile trail use and people rode them through April of that year. The first year ended with the end of the year party (something we still do today).

December 10, 1973 representatives from various Price County snowmobile clubs met and formed the Price County Snowmobile Trails Association. Doc Frye and Lynda Kozak were delegates sent to the meeting as the Lugerville Chaser representatives.

The first snowmobile map was created in 1973.

The first Tucker SnowCat Groomer was bought during the 1977-1978 snowmobile season.


The story behind the "Doc Frye" trail:

Dr. Thomas E. "Doc" Frye (1916-1985) was a big leader in the snomobile industry for Price County. Doc received the AWSC president's Trophy for outstanding contributions to snowmobiling, was a founding member of the Price County trails association, Price County AWSC representing director, and initiated efforts to develop the trail system in Price County! Doc's residence in Lugerville was known as "Doc's Track Shack" and was a famous pit stop on the trail for refreshments. He was a huge promoter of the New Year's Day Hangover Party at South Fork Bar and it became an event that the club carried on for many years.


The Lugerville Chasers Snowmobile Club has been around for the past 50 years!!!


Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped us build our clubhouse in 2008 and our warming shelter in 2019!  Don't forget to stop by the warming shelter to warm up and sign our guestbook on your snowmobile adventures! 

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